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Monitoring Based Commissioning

FacilityoptiX in Partnership with FacilityConnex

FacilityConnex brings the promise of Intelligent Networking and the power of analytics together to enable the facility and plant operations teams to improve comfort, operational and process efficiency, and energy consumption.

Intelligent Network-Enabled VOICES

Have you ever heard your equipment talk? When you combine the power of your data with our analytics that is what happens – VOICES. VOICES that are telling you the top priorities, the forecasted action, or the energy consumption. These perspectives eliminate the noise and allows you to focus on the top issues.

Smart Asset Monitoring

Smart Monitoring is the next generation connection and visualization technology designed to take the machine level state and data, and transform it into human consumable operational information anytime, anywhere. FacilityConnex will let you customize and share your view of information at a site, building, and equipment level.

Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Our software leverages 100’s of equipment and system specific analytics, developed by commissioning experts, that pinpoint specific actions your team can take to improve building comfort, performance, and reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Opportunity Savings and Incentive Utilities

How about a 3 to 5% reduction on your overall electrical bill? Depending on your utility company, additional incentives are also available either for the installation of the system or for the corrective actions. FCX is an approved measurement and verification system for many utility companies today.

Secure Network Architecture

FCX Connector secures all data connections to the FCX server utilizing state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption, digital certifications, and user authentication, to ensure the highest level of data security. Access to your information is then provided from the FCX server without the need for a VPN connection.

Generated Work Orders

FCX can develop an api to push the findings of the FCX analytics to the Work Order system our client uses, i.e. Maximo, to trigger a work order or an approval for a work order creation in that system carrying the info along. Optionally, if your facility has no internet connectivity, we can offer an appliance which will directly collect your data and transmit through cellular to the FCX server with no networking involvement. In addition, we can offer long-term storage options for year-over-year trending and analysis.

Your Control System

Most Building Management Systems (BMS) and SCADA Systems can be integrated into the FCX system. The FCX solution can bring dispersed systems into a single platform. As part of the continuous monitoring services, FacilityoptiX will work with the facility staff to help solve comfort, operational and energy issues.


Your FacilityoptiX-FCXperience

Our commitment to our customer is Continuous ROI. Our Commissioning and Equipment Experts help you identify and prioritize issues, recommend corrective actions, and system performance enhancements. These topics drive operational efficiency, energy reduction, and optimization