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Maximizing energy efficiency in existing buildings makes good business sense, but figuring out the best way to achieve your efficiency goals at the lowest cost can be a daunting exercise. FacilityoptiX provides energy consulting services to a diverse client base that includes public and private entities, state, and local governments.


The Moses team of experts employ an integrated wholebuilding approach to identifying energy opportunities that best fit our customer’s needs at the portfolio, facility, or individual project level. By assessing each facility improvement measure (FIM) from the perspective of ROI, we ensure every FIM has a positive impact on ownership cost.


Our engineers are highly trained in energy management, energy conservation strategies, new state-of-the-art technologies, energy auditing, energy modeling, utility bill analysis, life-cycle cost analysis, and energy reporting that is customized to our client’s needs. Our experience includes both operational and engineering.


Moses has extensive experience performing various types of audits, including ASHRAE Level 1,2 & 3. This information is useful when applying for LEED recertification or for developing strategies to reduce the building’s carbon footprint and operational costs. Our in-house expert cost estimating services provide accurate budget estimates and our experience projecting energy use patterns and utility rates enables reliable cost/ benefit analyses.


Once we have identified opportunities for improving energy efficiency, FacilityoptiX can work with owners and operators to design and implement cost-effective solutions. Our staff works with clients to develop a road map for improving efficiency and complying with applicable energy regulations. This includes maintaining building energy goals.


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